Print and digital advertising solutions suited to especially reaching different demographic groups. Scroll down for detailed information.

Online Advertising

We provide all the tools for delivering promotional messages to people locally and worldwide, using the Internet and every digital platform and application.

Creation, delivery, and management of ad creatives to advertise your business online through news outlets, high-rank positioning websites, and social media.

This advertising type involves using images and text, video, audio, or flash—banner ads—on designated areas of a social media platform, app, or website. These banner ads encourage the people who are using those platforms to click the banner and visit your company’s website, social media, or app. Display ads are often placed on websites with related subject matter that also target the same audience that the advertiser is trying to reach.

Digital advertising to display ads on the search engine results pages (SERPs). With paid search ad, your advertisement appears at the top of the search results when internet users search for relevant terms.

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is the use of paid ads on search engine result pages, or SERPs, to gain new customers. Most search engines use some form of SEM. SEM is also known as paid search ads, paid advertising and pay-per-click, or PPC.


  1. Instant brand awareness.
  2. Quick revenue generation.
  3. Targets the right consumer.
  4. Name recognition.
  5. Competitive advantage.

With this type of advertising, the paid content matches the function and look and feel of the media platform on which it appears. Native advertising can include display ads that blend in with the other images on the website, reviews, or product placement in videos or advertisements that are written into a larger piece of content.


  1. Ads can help support a positive user experience.
  2. Higher levels of engagement and more clicks than other types of advertisements.

This advertising form includes videos, especially ads that are shown on video streaming platforms at the beginning, middle, or end of video content.

As more consumers spend time on video platforms, streaming videos on their mobile devices, video advertising has grown in popularity and is an effective way to increase brand awareness and find new customers.

This type of online advertising will target consumers based on their behavior online.

Using cookies, businesses can tag people who have visited their website within set periods of time and then strategically position ads on partner websites or social media platforms to remind customers to make a purchase or increase brand awareness.

Remarketing is especially effective for online retailers, as users who have interacted with their brands online are more likely to purchase from them in the future.

online advertising
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Print Advertising

We provide services for physically printed media including newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards, and direct mail.

Magazines and newspapers are the two traditional print media still in good use today. They both are highly advantageous in targeting geographic market segments. Publications include local, regional and national.

Magazines have a long lead time, which is a disadvantage, while newspapers have a short lead time, which is an advantage. 

We provide print advertising services that offer a great level of creative potential.

Our focus is primarily on magazine advertisement as magazines are commonly kept for several days, weeks, or months in magazine racks. In business offices or doctor’s waiting rooms, magazines often sit for several weeks and are read by many patrons.

Billboards are used to advertise a product or service. A billboard conveys a simple message using a few images and a limited amount of text.

Use the power of micro-moment experiences and expand your advertising channels to outdoor to catch a person’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly.


  1. Display time-sensitive messages.
  2. Convey a sense of urgency.
  3. Engage with customers on A grand scale.
  4. High visibility.


Flyers are a great way to advertise your event and reach your targeted audience. Because of their distribution ways, flyers can be a great platform to advertise to a certain database but also to a specific geographically distributed audience.

Flyers and posters range from inexpensively photocopied leaflets to expensive, glossy, full-color circulars.

Send advertising mail, such as pre-approved credit card applications or nonprofit fundraising letters, directly to potential consumers based on demographic information.

Use Every Door Direct Mail services to promote your business in your local community for sales, open a new location, offer coupons, send postcards, menus, and flyers to the right customers.

Every Door Direct Mail provides targeting capabilities by age, income, or household size.

print advertising
Marketing Expert
Arlene Scott

Marketing Consultant Expert

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Service Rates

(Rates are only for services. They do not include the cost of assets or third-party expenses. A minimum number of hours might be applied.)


  • Ads strategy & analysis
  • Design of ad creatives
  • Media buying & placement
  • Ads campaign set up
  • Ads maintenance & optimization
  • Analytics Reporting


  • Ads strategy & analysis
  • Design of ad creatives (Magazines & Newspapers)
  • Project Design (Flyers, Billboards)
  • QR Code creatives
  • Media buying & placement
  • Every Door Direct Mail

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